We are small family-owned company passionate about mountain biking and the outdoors. We are proud to be the first company in Punta Arenas with real mountain biking trips and day tours in the region.

Over the years we have tried to expand the mountain bike culture in the country, we started in the north of the of Chile but we decided to establish from where we are, and from there comes our slogan..."RIDE WITH THE LOCALS". We know the good single track and the nicest way to get there, working together with the locals. We design our trips with the ultimate mountain bike riding to provide exclusive trails and amazing views. We offer world class bike trips over the country for bikers from all over the world, we are trying to promote Patagonia as a world class riding destiny.

Our trips are ADVENTURES, Patagonia it's always waiting to give you something, the indomative weather, outstanding views and fantastic trails are the perfect mix for an unforgettable vacation. Our trips are about quality rides and nice personal service. Few people ever ride these natural trails, even some locals don’t know about some of the trails we use – we want to preserve pristine, unmarked and unmapped. You’ll never get tired of the same trails.

Patagonia is waiting for you with unforgettable views, trails, amazing people and good friends.