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Full day Torres del Paine

After many years of running trips in Patagonia,  Torres del Paine is always on demand, coming to Torres on every one of our multi-day experience trips, we note that a lot of people stay on campings, hotels, or mountains lodges that ask us about renting our bikes.

Trying to make your hiking trip an unforgettable experience we decided to have part of our E-bike fleet dedicated to offering a full-day experience in Cerro Paine, working together with Reserva Las Torres and Hotel las Torres to offer a new option that we are sure will be a fantastic desition to take it.

What about having a day ride in Torres del Paine?


6-7 Hours








USD$ 185



Being allowed to ride bicycles in one of the ICONS of the Chilean touristic places is just part of our highlights,  a nice soft starting ride to continue with an amazing clive to one of the best lookouts to contemplate Torres del Paine, after this sublime moment we start one of our best descends in Patagonia, riding throw lengas forest, with an incredible view of lago nordesnkjold, we continue our way to laguna Inge with a nice stop for some pictures. after that we continue our route back to the hotel.


Full Day description

We'll meet you at the lobby in Hotel Las Torres, from here we will get the bikes and set them up perfectly for you, seat height, brakes, saddle position, etc. After the set up you will be part of our biking briefing and technical talk for all the riders.

We start with a nice al easy ride to get used to the bikes, after riding for about an hour we start our climb to get to the Torres lookout point, a nice descent comes after contemplating Torres, on our way to laguna Inge we have several stops for pictures and geographic information, even when this is a bike ride it's our chance to learn about this fantastic place.

From laguna Inge we continue near lago Nordenskjold riding over a terminal sand Morain until we meet whit the lake.

from here we start riding back to the hotel for a cold beer at the bar, perfect moment to share pictures and talk about this epic ride

Itnerry FD Tores
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