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Full day Punta Arenas

This full-day MTB in Punta Arenas is an option for the ones who want to do a mountain bike experience in our city.

Our trails are located next to downtown, about 20 min from the main square.

Our trail selection is thinking to have a complete experience in the Patagonian forest and mountains.

A mixture of old trails, dual tracks, and single tracks will be part of our experience. In our ride we will make several stops for pictures in some of the most scenic lookouts of the city, the Estrecho de Magallanes and the Brunswick peninsula.


6-7 Hours









USD$ 185



Magellan straight, Tierra del Fuego island, subantarctic forest, national reserve, local bike park, sound as a plan for a riding day, all of this with a nice mixture of proper mountain biking and stories to tell will be part of four full-day riding in Punta Arenas.

Be part of a fantastic way to explore places that are not offered in the tourism guides, with professional mountain bike guides, High-quality full-suspension bicycles, amazing box lunch, and some good sourprices.


Itnrary Full day

Full Day description

Early riding is the best, we pick you up at your hotel and from there we drive to our bike workhouse, in there we will set up the bike for you, after the set up its time for our briefing, yes, this is one of the most important moments of our ride, safety first.

Finished the first part of our riding day we move to the trails, we will be riding the best trails in punta arenas, lands of old estancias, forest reserves, ski center, and Patagon Park, our local bike park where we proudly work together with the local riders community.

this day is a good way to visit an area that is not offered in the normal tour options, a good way to get into nature, ride a bike and have fun.

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