At Patagonia Mtb trails, our aim is to ensure your entire experience with us, from the moment you book your Ride (i.e. trip) to the moment you set foot back on home turf, is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Our goal is maximizing your happiness and minimizing your worries.




We’ve listened to your feedback, and know how important it is for you to make travel arrangements with the assurance that plans on our end won’t change. Which is why we guarantee each of our departures: once you book your spot(s), you're going! This allows you the freedom to start looking for flights and make other arrangements right away. Contrary to many other tour operators, we will never cancel a trip due to low numbers or other passenger cancellations.


What you need to know about Guaranteed Departures


In very rare occasions, a situation may arise beyond our control, such as a natural disaster, political unrest, or another similar event that could potentially affect our ability to deliver a safe and enjoyable trip. In this case, we consult extensively with our local staff to ascertain the possibility of running a smooth, safe trip. Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • If our local staff feel the trip can go ahead without undue risk to our clients’ safety, the trip will go ahead and if the customer decides to cancel, it is treated as a passenger cancellation. It is therefore mandatory to purchase comprehensive insurance, including trip cancellation and interruption. 

  • If we feel it would be unsafe to run a trip as scheduled, the trip is canceled and we give you a spot on another departure of the same trip, or a full credit to use towards any of our other trips. 




We understand that a lot needs to come together for you to make a trip happen, which is why we want to make things as risk-free for you as possible. After putting down a deposit, you can cancel at any point during the first 14 days after booking and get a 100% refund.This buys you 2 weeks to sort out flights, vacation time, etc. and not have to worry about someone else taking your spot(s).  If you do need to cancel, please simply give us a call or mail to Contact@patagoniamtbtrails.com


Please note that because your deposit is paid in US dollars, your full refund will also be paid back in US  dollars and will not account for any fluctuations in currency.




We understand that things outside of your control may come up from the moment you book your Ride to its scheduled departure. That's why we’re extra flexible, and make it easy for you to postpone a Ride if something unexpected comes up. And unlike most other travel companies, we’ll never charge you any form of cancellation or transfer fee.


We also realize that your preference for a destination may change over time. Our Lifetime Deposit also enables you to transfer your deposit to any of our destinations. Simply get in touch with us – as long as you give us 60 days notice, your deposit will be good forever, whether you use it for the same trip or transfer it to another one. 


What you need to know about Lifetime Deposits


Our Lifetime Deposit allows any of our Riders (i.e. clients) forced to delay a departure or wanting to switch destinations altogether the ability to apply their initial deposit towards a later scheduled date or another Ride at no extra charge. A Lifetime Deposit has no expiration date and can be used for any departure – provided room is still available. Simply put, we want to ensure you can enjoy the Sacred Rides experience you want, at a time that works best for you.


A Lifetime Deposit is also transferrable, meaning that you can transfer your deposit to another Rider as a gift. You can even choose to donate your deposit to our sister non-profit, Trails for Patagonia. We’ll then match the value of your donation!  


There are some important conditions to be aware of regarding our Lifetime Deposits:

  • A Lifetime Deposit is applicable in the period after the 14-day  Booking Window and the 60 days prior to the scheduled departure.

  • Any cancellations made within 60 days of the scheduled departure will be treated as a passenger cancellation, in which case the entire payment (due 60 days prior to departure) will be forfeited and cannot be applied to another departure. This rule is strict and exceptions cannot be made.

  • A Lifetime Deposit will be granted once per Rider. If a Rider needs to cancel a second time, outside of the 14-day  Booking Window, the amount of the deposit will be forfeited.

  • Private groups & customized adventures may be exempt from Lifetime Deposits.

  • The value of the Lifetime Deposit is limited to the amount of the original deposit. If the deposit requirements of the new Ride being booked are higher than this amount, then the difference must be paid in order to confirm the booking.

  • If the value of the Lifetime Deposit exceeds the total value of the per person price of the new Ride, there will be no credit or refund of the difference.

  • Lifetime Deposits, or any portion of them, are not refundable in cash - but you can use your Lifetime Deposit to confirm your next booking with us with no cash down, with the exception of where the required deposit on the new Ride exceeds the value of the original deposit.

When you're ready to book another adventure with us, simply use your Lifetime Deposit to confirm your new Ride!

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