Enduro in Brasil

It was a long time out of being in a Bike race, actually last time was in EWS in Chillan, Chile.

After that i get back to the essence of mountain bike....JUST RIDE WITH FRIENDS, so getting back in a race was a kind of weird, specially when is in a different country.... what we know about Brasil? caipiriñas, samba, beach and churrasco... most uf us, we never realize that the have good mountain bike trails, probably more than good.... the brasileans love to go fast, and the trails are a kind of raw.

during the last weekend i drive down Sao Paulo, in to Serra da Cantareira, this place is like being in to the jungle, its so green and some time you can get some MACACOS jumping from tree to tree.

the race was divided in 2 days, first day with all the classic trails from Mairipora, my times.... very far from the top riders.... but the experience was so goooood!!!! rock gardens, roots, drops and step ups... all what you are looking in a trail.

After this experience y can say that Brasil now is not only about nice caipiriñas and beautiful beaches... today i can say that Brasil its a very nice Place to have an all mountain experience, completely different as we know.

Go and visit Brasil.... theres will be always a friend who wants to ride and share the trails.

Thanks so much to @mtbmonteverde and Rafael Cruz for the Nice pictures, Guto for all the good vibes, Douglas for being a nice friend, and to all the new friends that we have now in Brasil... big hug from un CHILENO.

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