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Into the Wilderness

This full-day MTB in Punta Arenas is an option for the ones who want to do a mountain bike experience in our city.

Our trails are located next to downtown, about 20 min from the main square.

Our trail selection is thinking to have a complete experience in the Patagonian forest and mountains.

A mixture of old trails, dual tracks, and single tracks will be part of our experience. In our ride we will make several stops for pictures in some of the most scenic lookouts of the city, the Estrecho de Magallanes and the Brunswick peninsula.


6 Days











Starting USD$ 3500






During these years we have learned that in Patagonia you never promise, good weather, no wind, no rain, one of our main expressions is "even if is miserable is awesome

In our day ride, you have to be prepared to have fun, to ride as much as you can and have the RIDING WITH THE LOCALS experience.

We include Professional Mountain bike guides, New generation E-BIkes (full suspension Enduro), Reciprocity Fees, All the tickets, And our famous LUNCH BOX made with love. 


Day 1

Arrival at Punta arenas (max 14:00 Local time) -transfer to accommodations (Hostal del Suror Hostal Labarca) check-in (15:00)
From our hostel, we drive to Patagonia MTB Trails workhouse where our mechanic will be waiting for us to help with the bike setup. we will be waiting for you with a nice snack and good local beer. after setting up the bikes we will ride around town (city tour) to get involved with the weather, and have the chance to buy anything that could be missing. we finish around 19:30 and we ride back to the hostel.

After getting dressed we will have our welcome dinner in one of our favorite restaurants in town, we also have a next-day ride briefing.
Transfer to the hostel after dinner.

Day 4

Can you imagen waking up in the middle of nowhere, having breakfast in an old Gauchos house full of History and of course with an outstanding view. At Sierra Baguales you will fill the spirit of Patagonia, loneliness, and majesty of nature.

From here we start our riding day, we ride up to Centinela “Centinel” in honor to the Guanacos, The ceninela is the one that takes care of the herd.

from here we descend to Laguna Rodas and we continue riding Sierra baguales on our way out of the ranch, an amazing mountain riding day.
at the end of our ride, Javier Maclean will be waiting for us with some hot beverages to say goodbye from sierra baguales and we continue to The MISTIC Torres del Paine.

At Torres, we will stay at Hotel las Torres, the perfect spot to have our last night in the nature.

Day 2

This is our first encounter with the local trails, our finest selection of single-track, views, and stories. We start with a nice early breakfast, from our hostel we drive to La Reserva Forestal Magallanes, and we ride a very nice single track to get in touch with the soil, temperature, and wind, from there we continue to Patagon Park, a very special place for us, here we are developing together with the local community the first bike park in southern Patagonia.

after riding all the trails we will have time for a lunch box in the woods!!! we will continue riding at Club Andino and some hidden jewel trails.
at the end of our first ride, we will take a shower ad we drive to puerto natales, arrivig at night just in time to go to one of best restaurants in this bewtiful town.

Day 5

The best at the end!! Yes, today we have our final riding day and the best for the end, we start early taking advantage of the long summer days we hike up to Cerro Paine where no other can ride and from here we start descending to Laguna Inge and Lago Nordenskjold. This ride will show us the colors of the deep lakes, hanging glaciers, the year of river erosion, and the 3 Torres.

This is a day full of emotions, that's why we leave it at the end.
After our riding day, we finish at the bar with a cold Beer, we pick up our bags and we drive to Puerto Natales for our Last night on this Patagonia experience.

we will visit another nice restaurant. We sleep at Puerto Natales.

Day 3

Today we have reserved for you a fantastic riding day with amazing scenery, the big mountains from canal de las montañas, the Sierras, and the fjords it's our background.

Today we split our riding day into two parts,
the fjords and the sierras, we start riding at Sierra Dorotea in front of the ultima esperanza Fjord and after we continue to Cerro Benitez, full of archeology and awesome views, this is our first half day, from Cerro Benitez we continue on our way to Sierra Baguales where we will ride just to get to our domes in front of the Centinela mountain in the middle of nowhere

Day 6

Time to say GOODBYE, everything has an ending and this is not an exception, we will pick you up at your hostel, and from we drive to Puerto Natales to have a nice coffee time to share some pictures, impressions and say goodbye, for us this is one of the most important moment because we close the circle hoping that this is an experience that you will keep as a lifetime experience!.from the cafe, we will drop you off at Puerto Natales airport.

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